The World Needs Healing – We MUST Start Within

I was raised near Thousand Oaks and still have family and friends in the area. We hear of tragedy everywhere but when it’s close to home, it can sting all the more. With heavy hearts, we send light and love to those who have lost loved ones in this mass shooting.

Road rage, outbursts of anger, deep grief, unrelenting self-judgement and any heavy emotions that are carried with us as we face the challenges this life brings can manifested into undesirable and even horrific behaviors. We all experience them and see them come out in our day-to-day lives whether we’re conscious of them or not. We need to become conscious of them. We need to be aware that how we are, the state of being we are in, has an impact on those around us, consciously or unconsciously, energetically, physically, emotionally at some level, even if not apparent. Not to say that we could pull out a gun and murder 12 innocent souls but that we are each capable of creating destruction, of self or others, with these wounds/emotions floating around within us.

For the sake of sparing this world of more of these horrid displays of the intense fear and deeply wounded aspects of the self that we all carry within us, may we each find the healing that our hearts cry for. Whether it is that the gunman suffered from PTSD from his military service in Afghanistan or that he had a mental imbalance or a deep-seeded need for revenge or the myriad of other possibilities that would cause him to carry out such a heinous act, it can be seen as a demonstration of the pain that each of us attempts to cope with as we journey our way through this life. This country, this world, needs healing and we MUST start within.

“If we look closely, we can trace all of these acts of greed, control and insecurity back to their root: fear. Fear creates violence.

… Our capacity to be non-violent depends on our proactive practice of courage, balance, love of self, and compassion for others.”

~ Deborah Adele in The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice

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