Obstacles = GROWTH

“Obstacles are not opposing you, but merely gently re-routing you.” 

~ Neale Donald Walsch,

American author, actor, screenwriter, and speaker (When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace)


What obstacle are you facing right now? Instead of seeing life challenges as “good” or “bad,” look to them as learning opportunities, as a nudge toward change. When we experience something new, we change. Sometimes we even change in experiencing something familiar. We are always changing. Change is what allows us to grow into the eagerly awaiting next evolution of self. Change is truly the only thing we can count on and it is change that grows us into more of what we are here to be.

What could this obstacle be asking of you? What forward movement or growth could come from this obstacle? While in the midst of an obstacle, understanding what this challenge is all about may not be accessible… but take a guess; take a few moments to sit in curiosity. Being with the inquiry of “What’s this all about?” can help soften the intensity. Of course, being inquisitive of the ‘benefits’ of whatever the obstacle brings doesn’t mean to be passive. If there is something that can be done to improve or omit the obstacle then that could very well be the lesson wanting to be learned. There needs to be a balance between accepting the unchangeable and changing that which we find unacceptable.

But we have to address any obstacles life presents because when we don’t pay attention to the nudge, life usually nudges a bit harder until that nudge becomes an uprooting of the norm or a drastic push that can change everything. Rather than resisting or being in denial of the obstacle, it can be a lot easier to accept that change is what this life is all about, to seek comfort in the midst of the discomfort and ultimately allow for the growth to settle into a new normal. The new could open up to unimaginable possibility.

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