A Message from the Universe

Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone and do what you’ve never done, because both are necessary to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve never been.

~ The Universe

Mike Dooley, Messages from the Universe

From one of the daily notes from the Universe emailed to me. Opt in for your universal yet personalized notes from the Universe brought to us from Mike Dooley.

In 2000, it was a huge shock when my boyfriend of seven years broke things off. We had planned to spend the rest of our lives together! I was devastated. Life as I knew it was over. It took me numerous years to get beyond that heartbreak.

But, in retrospect, I could never have become the woman that I am today without this jarring loss. Three years after he left, I felt called to go on a 6 ½ month solo-travel adventure abroad. I had my concerns: Would I get lonely? What about the language differences? How would I find my way by myself? What if I was miserable? But my heart’s desire lead me forward. Never could I have imagined myself traveling abroad solo, traveling anywhere solo, let alone jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, exploring fiords via helicopter, paragliding, jet boating, black-water caving, white-water rafting, parasailing, and learning to scuba dive (despite my inability to swim)! And none of my concerns ever came to fruition. This trip opened my eyes and my heart; it opened me to a whole new world, a whole new understanding of myself.

I loved it so much that after I returned to the States, I worked three jobs and eventually found my way back to solo-travel with an Australia and New Zealand work visa in hand. This time I was abroad for nearly two years working and traveling to my favorite destinations from the first trip.

I went on these solo-travel journeys in 2003 and 2006-8. Since then, I’ve gone on a solo-trip along the California coast and I’ve taken another long adventure trip in Canada for three months from Vancouver to Nova Scotia. With mild trepidation and a strong desire, I followed my heart and went where I’d never been and did what I’d never done which allowed me have experiences I’ve never had and to be who I’d never been.

Now in 2019, here I am again, about to do something I’ve not done since before my hiking fall – sign a one-year lease on an apartment. I spent 3 ½ years recovering from my hiking fall at my parents’ house in Southern California. Even though I was still dealing with memory and insomnia issues and spinal troubles, my heart called me to Northern California to attain my Life Coach certification. Ever since I moved back to the Bay Area, I’ve had often times unique and always unfortunately short-lived housing… I lived at a few different friend’s houses for a couple months, lived in a barn that was converted to a guest room, and an RV in someone’s driveway, after which I stepped up to house-sitting/pet-sitting and on to various short-term housing situations with the rent gradually increasing with every move. (Read more about some of my various moves.)

I’m now stepping away from the comfort of reduced rent in someone else’s home to move into an apartment my Sweetheart and I just found. This will be my 9th move in 7 years. Again with trepidation, not knowing if I/we can afford to make it ‘out there’ with the current cost of living, I’m needing to face my concerns and move forward toward creating the life I’ve dreamed of. I know quieting my fears is essential to following my heart which will open me to having what I’ve never had (maybe someday a home of our own!), doing what I’ve never done (expanding my business and completing my book) allowing me to have what I’ve never had and be what I’ve never been.

What is your heart calling for? I’d love to help you open up to doing what you’ve never done, going where you’ve never gone in order to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve never been. Feel free to reach out to explore how my Life Coaching and/or Intuitive Consulting can help you move through anything that is holding you back from following your heart.

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