Advice from the Universe

Fractal by Kaarin Alisa at

“Today don’t think or say, ‘I’m tired,’ ‘I’m hurt,’ ‘I’m angry.’ Don’t even think or say, ‘I’m happy.’

Instead, think and say, ‘I’ve chosen to be tired, hurt, angry.’ Or better still, ‘I’m choosing to be happy.’

You don’t get “hit” by feelings, you feel them based on your perceptions, and you perceive based on your beliefs, and you believe as you choose.

You are your words,

The Universe”

From one of the daily notes from the Universe emailed to me. Opt in for your universal yet personalized notes from the Universe brought to us from Mike Dooley.

2 responses to “Advice from the Universe

  1. Gina, you hit home today With myself and my son who is definitely finding his way in this world. Thank you, I always send him what you sent me. He has started recording in a journal Fav quotes, and I put them in my notes! You are an awesome person and I am glad that even if I am not at the Y at this moment, I have made a wonderful connection in you.

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