Happy Birthday, Dad

2003 – Just before I left to backpack Thailand, Australia, New Zealand for 6.5 months

My Dad was born February 21, 1947. My dad was quite talented in all things mechanical and knew the inner workings of most engines, motors, and systems from radios to dryers, from lamps to cars and on and on. He worked many years for the Southern California Gas Company and after retiring, he was a site monitor for a do-it-yourself fix-it website. He enjoyed maintenance of the house and was always there for us to ask any questions about the mechanics of a car or the repair of some household item.

With this move, I’ve wished many times that I could reach out to him for guidance on lighting the water heater pilot light or to tell him about the awful shower faucet issue or the kitchen pipe leak or to share the intensities and joys of this most recent move and the apartment that Brian and I have claimed for this year.

I miss you, Dad. You are in our hearts always…

2014 Family Visit to Nor Cal – One of the best photos I have of me and my dad

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