Remove your address from junk mail

There is a way to stop it! What a relief! It takes a little bit of dedicated time but I feel it is so worth it to save the paper and the world of such waste.

Instead of throwing more paper into the recycling bin, read on…

There is a great article about several ways to stop bulk and junk mail with additional tips: (I’ve pasted a few options from this article below)

(USA) I learned that if you want to remove your address from the mailing list for local grocery stores, hardware stores, furniture stores etc, go to the site below, to mailing list preferences on the right hand side and enter your address. It will take 5-6 mailings to discontinue completely.

To remove your address from Val Pak coupons –

To remove your address from various phone books and directories –

To remove your address from a large general junk mail list ($2 fee which seems worth it) –

To remove your name/address from credit card solicitations – (I don’t feel comfortable giving my social security number to anyone so I opted out from sharing that and was still able to discontinue mailings)

And I received this email from the United States Postal Service the other day in response to an email the above article suggested I send requesting the USPS allow recipients the option to eliminate bulk mailing.

“You may stop unsolicited mail by submitting a request online at:

You may also write:

Director of List Maintenance

Direct Marketing Association

Post Office Box 643

Carmel, NY 10512-0643


ADVO Systems, Inc.

239 West Service Road

Hartford, CT 06120-1280

Please accept our apology for any inconvenience.”

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