Soon-to-be “wife”



I started writing this blog a few months ago and now wish that I’d completed the first draft and sent it out then, before the intensity of this pandemic. But my attention kept getting pulled elsewhere so I drafted another edition of it in April and then one today … things keep changing!!!

I’ve dated the writings as they were written: March 7th, April 4th, May 12th.

Wishing you all continued health,


March 7, 2020 – I was overwhelmed with surprise when Brian proposed to me on 11/11/18 on a last-minute weekend getaway. I have loved being his fiancé. It’s taken us both so long to find our special someone that being engaged has been a dream. I wanted to stay in the joy of this glow as long as I could.

We started the wedding planning in late September of last year after a yoga student asked me, “So how is your wedding planning going?” and I responded, “Wedding planning? It’s not until next June… am I supposed to be doing something?!?” Aghast she said, “You know you have to book XYZ and find ABC!?” She joyfully invited me and another yoga friend to her house to give me a jump start. They both shared pictures and stories of their grown children’s weddings and eased me into the bigness of planning a ‘simple’ wedding with a list of to-dos that needed my attention.

Shortly thereafter, the to-dos were started. And, unfortunately, not too far along the way, we stepped right into wedding-prep-drama. I won’t go into the story but we had a run-in with an unprofessional vendor that deeply disturbed me for about four months, more than I care to admit. This upheaval preoccupied my thoughts so much so that the stress disrupted my day-to-day focus and my sleep (and my sleep is already amuck!). Even though this conflict has left a bad taste in my mouth I learned quite a lot about myself amid the shock and anger and it helped me to learn more about Brian, our relationship and the community of people that are available to support us.

The conflict has finally ended (Nov 2019 – March 2020) and I’m amazed to see how much of my energy has been freed up. After the joy of being engaged for this long, our wedding is now only 3 months away. With the conflict out of the way, we can joyfully focus on organizing and planning and I’m finding myself excited to pick out music and party favors, to discuss all the options with my fiancé and come to unified decisions. I’m going to miss calling Brian my fiancé. Pretty soon, witnessed by our family and beloved friends, we will become husband and wife. Wow, a whole new chapter on this journey called life.

When we discussed our wedding, we initially were thinking we’d get married in April or May. But serendipitously, the date that fell in our laps was June 6th, the 11th anniversary of my hiking fall, transforming a day filled with awe and gratitude into a day of union, officially uniting two lives into one. For the last 10 years, I’ve honored 6/6/09 as the day my life could have been over, a day that my life was deeply impacted by the valiant acts of some very brave souls; a day of reflection to commend and honor my rescuers, the doctors and professionals, and family and friends that assisted me along my healing journey. This day was aptly named my “Gratitudiversary” by my soul-sister Vanessa. A day filled with deep gratitude and a new appreciation for life will soon be transformed into a wedding anniversary, honoring the joys of sharing my life with a man that has brightened my world.

April 4th, 2020 – Covid-19 has turned the entire world upside down. Funerals, weddings, proms, graduations and many other events have been cancelled. Schools and careers have been shut down. People have been told to hide away in their place of residence until further notice.

With all the hand washing and cleaning with bleach/water solutions, I’ve decided not to wear my engagement/wedding ring (beautifully designed as one-and-the-same) until my beloved places this significant jewelry on my finger on our wedding day.

Brian and I are meant to get married on 6/6/20 (the 11th Gratitudiversary year of my hiking fall down Yosemite’s Half Dome; as stated in the previous segment above, we didn’t pick this date at all… it just serendipitously landed in our laps! If you enjoy hearing about magic alignments, the story is on our wedding blog).

Wedding plans have been halted. Nothing is for sure for anyone these days. In light of all these restrictions of physical distancing and reducing gatherings to 10 guests or less, we decided that we would get married that day no matter what, even if it’s just with our mothers and a few siblings that can get to us. The officiant, Rick (the stranger, now dear friend whom I consider family, that stayed by my side for 3 ½ hours while I awaited rescue) got ordained online just for us after we asked him if he’d take on the role of wedding us. He said he’ll drive out from San Diego to marry us that day wherever we’d like.

We are all residing in the Shelter-in-Place Orders (SIPO) and eagerly awaiting easement to this world wide issue.

Everything is upside down. What interesting and wild times.

May 12, 2020 – Restrictions are slowly beginning to lift in some counties but it’s unlikely that we’ll have our full freedom back come June. After considering many factors, it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to postpone our wedding.

Gathering close family (some who are healthy but more at risk) doesn’t make sense anymore – a few would be required to isolate for 14 days following their visit, and, a more extreme worry, we’d feel horrible if anyone became ill due to our wedding celebration. And, it pulled at the heart strings that this anticipated day could happen without having those present that are beyond our family circle, for example the wedding party and dear friends who live outside of California or who live abroad. (Sure, we’ve heard of alternatives like Zoom, FB or doorstep weddings. We’ve been of two minds with these options – one vantage point is to make lemonade out of this bitter sweet situation; the other is imprinting Covid-19 into the memory of our long-awaited union. We’ve decided to find a halfway point – to honor the magic of 6/6 this year in some unique way, just the two of us, and to wait for the opportunity for the joy of having our families and friends around us as we’ve envisioned.)

Like currency, we get what we pay attention to. Help envision the LIFT of SIPO!!! by actively thinking of, focusing on, and inviting in health!

Wishing you health, vitality and joy as we wait to see what the next month(s) will bring 🙂

2 responses to “Soon-to-be “wife”

  1. Beautiful Gina,

    Words unfolding with much emotion what a journey with you Beloved Brian!!

    Your courageous spirit of integrity, tenacity, generosity and deep gratitude with unconditional Love abounding…

    I am in Awe and Inspirited!!

    My whole heart goes out to you and Brian…know how much planning prepping and thoughts have gone into planning for your “special” date.

    I am so very sorry those plans changed…

    I adore and thank you and Brian for sharing from the beginning and beyond .

    Wishing many Happy, Healthy, Fun Graced days ahead!!

    Abundant Blessings upon your “Sacred Book of Life Together”.

    Have a wonderful weekend you two “Love Birds”.

    Warmest Hugs and Love,



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