Half Dome Dance

Read my story of the hiking fall here.

Read about my recovery and rehabilitation process here.

Watch my interview on You Tube:

Check out the rescue pics:

Helicopter Rescue

The Weather Channel Interview

Slideshow of life before and after my Half Dome Dance put together for my 1st Gratitude Party June 6, 2010…

24 responses to “Half Dome Dance

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  2. Thank you Gina! You and your friend were one of my customers at Trader Joe’s, Concord last month. You mentioned your graditude party. I just finished your blog about your recovery. Inspirational your story! I too believe in the human spirit. Take good care of yourself….Ellen


    • Thank you for reading my story, Ellen. I value your comments and am very touched. I hope you will continue to follow my blog. Say hi if I see you in TJ’s 😉 Gina


  3. Gina, I have always believed in guardian angels, and I know you have at least one who was looking after you that day on Half Dome. It amazes me that little ledge stopped your fall, and we can all be grateful that it did!


  4. Dear Gina, I am so touched by your courage and spirituality. You are a living inspiration. Thank you.


  5. Gina, Thank you for sharing these! I’m humbled totally by your courage, strength and beauty! Love shines through you so clearly!!
    with love, Marcy


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