Please note: I have aimed to separate the testimonials into categories for ease of reference. This endeavor is not as clean as I hoped due to a multifaceted approach that comes through in all my services making it so there are speckles of intuition, healing, coaching and inspiration throughout my practice.

Gina Bartiromo, Gentle Spirit, Graceful, Lovely Person, Survivor, Conqueror over Death, Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Reader, Healer…these are some of the qualities and descriptions that I think of when I think about Gina.  Her invincible spirit which embraces life and all that it has allowed her to experience, gives her a depth of character and understanding that I dare say most of us have not developed.  Gina chooses to apply her life experiences to enhance the well-being of others and to bring each one joy, light and love.  As a yoga teacher, she is well-prepared and sensing of herself and her students offering them focused, thoughtful and effective yet tranquil body/mind experiences.  As an intuitive reader, she applies the same effectiveness and skill in a very personalized manner, deeply sensing the individual with whom she is providing the opportunity to connect more deeply with the inner self as she acts as a gentle guide.  She is professional in her delivery acknowledging and honoring personal boundaries creating a safe space for herself and her client.

My personal experience with Gina was as a yoga student and I had only known her for a very brief period of time when she offered to do a reading for me, I felt it was uncanny how she brought forth to my awareness things that I felt were authentically me and therefore allowed me to trust her and to allow her to guide me into deep places within myself to enlighten and to henceforth be uplifted and encouraged! I consider her an unexpected gift in my life and I treasure my opportunity to have been her student. Gina is indeed a precious gem to experience!

Robin – California, 2012


“I LOVE your classes. I love how you incorporate unassuming movements into your sequences. They SEEM small and easy, but they are hard and pack a full punch of stretch and strength. Your experience in physical therapy carries over into your yoga teaching and I think that is the most inspirational thing about your classes, and yoga in general. Our bodies are amazing designs of muscle, tissues, energy and spirit and your classes honor that! I had done yoga before but I didn’t like it – I was always looking at the clock to see when class would be over. It wasn’t until taking your classes that I began to like yoga. Seriously. I connected to the precise movements and sensations that come with a keen awareness of the body. It felt like a physical therapy session. I was out of my head and into my body…… and that never happened for me in yoga until your classes. So I just wanted to say thank you! You were a catalyst for my own yoga journey as a student and now, as I have recently become a yoga teacher myself. You have helped me to find joy in what works for my body and mind and now I have the privilege to help others do the same.”

Kelly – Pleasant Hill, California, 2019


“Thank you, Gina, for your very thoughtful and eloquent speech. We appreciated having you at our event. Your words were very inspiring to us all.”

 Chrissy Stamegna, CBIS, Program Coordinator – Brain Injury Center of Ventura County, 2018


“It was great meeting you and listening to your truly amazing, inspirational story. What a courageous human being you are. Keep sharing your miraculous story with the world; we need to know what we can achieve with persistence and determination. Forever inspired, Martina”

Martina Robles Gallegos – Ventura, 2018


“Thank you so much for sharing your story with us this weekend at Western Regional Conference at UC Berkeley. I was touched by your continued positive attitude and perspective after going through such a difficult experience. What resonated with me most was the emotion with which you delivered your story. I would very much appreciate the two audio files you have available for relaxation and centering. Although I haven’t dealt with great trauma in my life, I hope that using this technique when the stresses of optometry school build up will help me gain even just a fraction of the peace and clarity that you demonstrate.”

Jason – U.C. Berkeley School of Optometry, 2015


“Thank you for sharing such a difficult life story with us at WRC this past weekend to remind us that what we do can truly change lives! You are certainly inspirational, and it was great to meet someone who overcame such adversity. Thank you again!”

Hunter – American Optometric Student Association, 2015


Gina’s story of tragedy, struggle, recovery, and victory is real and inspirational.  She shares with a genuine openness and desire to encourage her listeners.  Gina’s thankfulness in the midst of difficulty and joy through trial is evident in her very personal, very real story.

Richelle – San Francisco Bay Area, 2018


Gina has a genuine humble way of being as she shares her hardships and triumphs.

Anonymous – SF Bay Area, 2016


I’ve worked with Gina Bartiromo several times over the years and also observed the progress she has made since her near-fatal accident almost a decade ago.  I have never failed to be impressed by Gina’s abilities, determination and hard work.  She and I worked on a couple of projects to help brain injury survivors try to cope with their new realities.  We also gave several speeches plus television and other media interviews in the community where we teamed to increase awareness of brain injury.  In every instance, Gina shined.

Just recently I had the privilege of hearing a talk she gave about her near-fatal accident on Half Dome in Yosemite…and I was very impressed by how inspiring it was.  Her talk was quite motivational and I could clearly see that it had a big impact on those in the attendance.

David Wilk – Author, Former President of the Brain Injury Center of Ventura County, 2018


This has been an incredible journey of learning and self-discovery thus far. I would whole-heartedly recommend Gina Bartiromo as a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive. The amazing thing about experiencing Spiritual Intuitive Sessions with Gina is that the real questions emerge and the time of exploration of emotional and spiritual issues bring both insight and healing.   The freedom found on this journey of growth with Gina is well worth the investment. After an Intuitive Session, I feel lighter in body, mind, and soul. Gina combines caring, clarity, and clairvoyance in her Intuitive Coaching. If you are serious about your emotional and spiritual growth, you owe yourself the opportunity of sessions with Gina.


Traveler and Leader on the Spiritual Path – California, 2018


Last year I got out of a 4 year relationship and was just devastated over the break up. I planned a trip with my family to Germany for a month and was talking to Gina about feeling depressed and down about my life.

Before leaving for Germany, Gina told me that she could feel that I was going to meet someone. That this person may not be in Germany but there was someone coming in my life and not to look because it would just happen. I told her I didn’t want a relationship at all and the idea of dating again made my stomach clench. The day after I returned from Germany, I met the love of my life and soul mate in Starbucks. One year later and I can say I have never been so happy in a relationship.

Jacki – Bay Area, 2016


I recently had a bad bicycle accident where I got 2 compression fractures in my back as well as some less serious injuries.  Luckily for me, I knew Gina because I have been attending her yoga classes for a while. What I didn’t know was what an amazing healer she is also! I’m not new to energy healers and have been helped many times by them in the past, but after a few healing sessions with Gina, all I can say is, what she has been able to accomplish with me is really incredible! After every session I have had with her, I noted really amazing, – and in my mind from past experience, unusual – improvement with my pain level and overall progress, which lasts.  She also educates me so I can fully participate in healing myself after our sessions. I know she is speeding up my recovery from this accident, surprising even my medical doctor. If you need a good healer and/or intuitive please look no further, Gina is able to bring in healing for our spiritual and physical bodies at a very high level; and with her insightful intuition she is a real powerhouse. She has really astounded me. There is no question Gina is the real deal!!!

Robert – SF Bay Area, 2016


Gina is one of the most interesting and loving individuals I know. She led me through an intuition session and I was so excited with what I learned and that everything we discussed became a reality in my life. Gina has a gift of intuition. I highly recommend her as a coach and healer — truly, that is what Gina is, she is a healer.

Cara – San Francisco, 2015


Gina has an extraordinary intuitive ability and great empathy coupled with the rare discipline to provide objective readings to her clients, rather than interpreting them through her own personal life perspective, which often muddies the waters! I have no hesitation recommending Gina to anyone looking to work through challenges in their life path.

Amanda – Australia, 2013


Gina’s read was enlightening as well as surprising.  She gave me a message, from a very personal source that she could not have known about.  I was moved to tears.  She also said that I was called to going back to school.  When she voiced that message I scoffed, loudly, but within days of hearing it everything seemed to move into place to reaffirm her words.   I realized that it WAS the right thing to do and in spite of the many hurdles that have come up, I’ve been more determined every day to finish college and live up to the potential that I have been burying for many years.  Thank you sooo much Gina. Your words have truly changed my life.

Tamara – California, 2012


Gina is a gifted intuitive! The guidance she receives is easy to interpret, and very direct. I felt my questions were answered without ambiguity and with complete genuineness. I am looking forward to my next reading with Gina, and eager to see her confidence and comfort with her gift evolve! On a more personal note, I love that Gina is both clairvoyant and clairaudient! I receive spoken messages and words more readily than images, and have found it rare to meet a gifted clairaudient! Additionally, the words she presented from my Guides truly resonated with me, and I’ve reminded myself of her/their phrasing multiple times since our reading.  Thank you, Gina! And when are you free next? 😛

Courtnie – California, 2012


Gina is a talented, intuitive woman and an inspirational teacher and mentor. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Gina can rest assured that her integrity, life experiences and healing abilities will enhance the quality of their life and promote good mental and spiritual health.

Carol – Camarillo, 2013


“It was such a pleasure to join in this workshop, Gina, and meet the other participants. I was encouraged by all of them and blessed by your gentle facilitation. You have a true gift of helping people help themselves GENTLY. It makes all the difference. Lots of gratitude for you.”

Susan – Lafayette, CA, 2019


“Gina, you are a fountain of wisdom, compassion, intuition and inspiration, helping guide and support me through some rough waters.”

Jan – SF Bay Area, 2016


It has been an honor to be coached by Gina over the past four months. First off, she either takes incredibly detailed notes, has an impeccable memory, or is really just that intuitive; each time we spoke, Gina was so in tune with my past trajectory and my current needs. She has been committed to coaching me towards my best self, but also my authentic self. Gina acquired a thorough understanding of who I am at my core, found unique ways to inspire me towards my best self, and harnessed qualities I already had the capacity to build upon. She is so talented at understanding obstacles in a holistic manner, and building strength and confidence to move forward on challenging aspirations. I’m usually a harsh critique, but I would strongly recommend Gina to anyone looking to both develop their leadership capacity as well as their best, most authentic selves. She has my highest accolades!

Bethany – New York, 2016


I am very grateful to Gina for all that she has helped me to discover about myself. I have more tools to use in addressing concerns in my life. I have re-owned that I have responsibility and am not a victim to my life circumstances. I’ve learned to recognize my inner critic, and have grown to be gentler with myself, listening more to my Wise Self. I am more aware and optimistic and know that I have choice which is so empowering. Gina is kind and I like her energy. I’m so happy I met her.

A.C. – Bay Area, 2015


Gina is a wonderful coach.  I came into our coaching sessions with a specific choice I wanted to answer for myself, and left with so much more than I had ever expected: deep re-connection with myself, an array of images and metaphors to help me live within and process the challenges, frustrations, fears, and joys of my daily experience, and a whole new perspective on the very question I came in hoping to answer.  Gina’s style is gentle, direct, and inspiring; she pushed me to challenge my assumptions and to expose what was preventing me from moving forward, all the while sharing in the joy of my self-discovery.  Each session built neatly upon the last and really helped me see the relationships between the challenges I chose to focus on, leading to a tremendous amount of growth in just a few months.  I am so grateful to Gina for empowering me to turn some tough, scary decisions into a journey that I can deeply appreciate.

Emily – Oakland, CA, 2015


I began working with Gina about a year ago as a coach to help me find focus in my life. At that time I couldn’t make decisions about which way to turn with the many goals and the variety of opportunities arising for me. Gina gave me the tools to improve my life in both areas. She helped me express my life purpose and set boundaries around activities not aligned with it. Her skill in questioning led me to connect with my higher self and my intuition, and I began to trust I could do that on my own. Not only did she teach me a variety of techniques to help me make decisions and set boundaries, but she also helped me see how my goals and values can drive my choices. I feel much more confident about moving forward in my life after having the effective coaching by Gina.

Dian  –  Oklahoma, 2015


If you are ready to become your authentic self and are not afraid to embark on the journey of self-discovery, you may need a skillful and fearless guide.  I was lucky to find that guide in Gina.

With dedication, unfailing intuition and empowering coaching methods, she walked me through the process of self-discovery until I realized that I already had everything I need to realize my creative potential.  Before, I craved this discovery yet felt too confused and fearful to choose wisely from among the options I had.  Gina identified my strongest skill and helped build confidence and conviction needed to embark on my dream professional path.  I am grateful for her patience and ability to show me that I only need to look within to find the best answers to the questions I ask.

I recommend Gina as a coach to everyone who searches for this kind of self-realization.

K – San Francisco Bay Area, 2014


Gina has a rare gift as a Coach, Intuitive & Healer. I engaged Gina to help me make career path changes and our work together resulted in an inner personal growth that I did not anticipate.  My new awareness not only helped to guide me on my career path but also changed how I view myself in my significant and working relationships. I feel more grounded, I have more clarity and I am overall more content with my life experience.
I would recommend Gina as a gifted Coach; she has a sincere and attentive manner which encourages trust and a commitment to the process of growth and change.


Robin Briceño – Certified Nia Technique Instructor, 2013


Gina is a warm, insightful, professional. Incredibly helpful when it comes to clarifying your values and goals. Not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly good human being. Intelligent and intuitive, she often recognizes perceptions and views that I had no idea I held. I look forward to working with Gina again and would recommend her services to anyone who is ready to make changes for the better.

Fred – Texas, 2013


The first time I ever met Gina, I was immediately struck by her warmth, sincerity, intelligence and insight. Gina knows how to craft the right questions, sensitively offered, to help her clients open to new possibilities. Her optimism, her love for her work, and her perseverance in finding just the right solutions for each unique person makes her an excellent choice for anyone seeking the services she offers.

Julie – Illinois, 2013


Gina’s coaching helped me to really embrace and get excited about my decision. Furthermore, it allowed me to get started on the necessary logistics such as paying my deposit, telling my friends, and finding an apartment that I had been avoiding before in denial. The session was excellent and it really helped me sort out my conflicting feelings about my big decision. Gina was lovely and I recommend her to anyone who needs a little help sorting out their feelings and motives.

Sophie – Arizona, 2013


Just the short conversation we had a couple weeks back has given me the key to incorporating my old and new self, life, and tools. It is inspiring to me to see Gina’s ability. And I know it’s a result of her sincere dedication and application to developing herself as an intuitive and coach.

Kate – California, 2013


I feel more hopeful after a session with Gina. She is the best listener. She is reflective on what I share with no need to fix it. She’s present with me, connecting with an open heart which is the greatest gift. She helps me to feel supported and not alone.

Sheena – Washington, 2012


I wouldn’t have spoken up and said what I needed as my business expanded without her encouragement. And now I’m getting exactly what I wanted! Gina’s voice and energy warm my heart! I have friends who have faced adversity and it stops them or really slows them down but Gina has faced so much adversity and nothing stops her. The little ripple she sends out affects people. I’m amazed at how free and adventurous she is.

Wendy – Canada, 2012


Gina and I have worked together to help brain injury survivors adapt to their huge challenges and make the best of life. She is energetic and resourceful and has been very productive in our various projects. We have also made several public appearances together and handled a couple of television and newspaper interviews. Gina is versatile, talented and a hard worker.

David Wilk – Southern California, 2013

3 responses to “Testimonials

  1. Gina, so amazing is your story. I am afraid of heights and was just at yosemite hiking. My wife thought it was funny, and taunted me by getting closer to the ledge. Kind of freaked me out. Still, can’t wait to go back and explore new places! Thank you for sharing


    • Thank you, Jason, for reading my story and for sharing your experience. Half Dome is no small feat and many of Yosemite’s hikes are not to be taken lightly. Those rescuers work hard to keep people safe and take them out of harm. It’s an amazing job they have. I am humbled by it.
      Stay safe and enjoy the beauties of nature!


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